About Serminutes


What’s a “Serminute?”

When I first started preaching I was tasked with the challenge of preaching not sermons, but “sermonettes.” I’m not certain who coined this word, but my understanding of it means a “bite-sized” sermon that doesn’t take a lot of time getting your point across. I’m definitely not a man of few words. Words are my paint and paper my palette. So, trying to narrow my words yet get something meaningful across has proven to be quite an undertaking. The world we’re living in is face-paced and if you can’t get your fast-food meal in under a minute, you’re tapping your foot. I am aware of that so I’ve devised a plan for you to get a small devotion with a big meaning!

The idea isn’t new and has been embraced by several of my Facebook Friends as “sermonettes.” I’ve allowed myself a maximum of a minute or two for you to read these and dubbed my little snippets “ser-minutes” as a play on the word sermonette or a “sermon in a minute.” It takes me a great deal of time some days to write these, but it will only take you about a minute to read and hopefully be blessed and encouraged.

Usage and Credit

I do my absolute best to give credit for thoughts that were not originally mine, and when possible link to the original content. Feel free to use these for inspiration, encouragement, sermon or Bible study ideas.

If they bless you and have proven valuable all I ask is the following…

I sincerely thank you for reading and sharing!

A play on words for the conventional term for a small sermon or sermonette I like to call “Serminute.” Enjoy the one minute spiritual sermonettes and sermon ideas for busy Christians, Pastors, Teachers, and Bible Students!   – Rodger Mangold

P.S. For full length postings I call Rodger’s Rants, Writings, and Rambles

Updated: August 1, 2011

About Rodger Mangold

Follower of Jesus. I strive to authentically and sincerely embody His Love, His Work on the Cross, and His Compassion and Mercy toward Humanity through servant leadership. My first calling is to Christ, and I live that out by being a faithful and committed husband, father, and grandfather, endeavoring to faithfully steward the gifts and talents God has granted me in this life. My vocational motto is, “I work labor the Lord, but I work for Ford.”

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