The Daily Grind

The Philistines took him, and put out his eyes…and bound him with fetters of brass; and he did grind in the prison house. (Jud. 16:21) Samson was banished to the daily “grind” of prison. He literally walked in circles. But, with each turn of the grinder wheel, his strength returned. Your trials have you walking in circles. Progress can be slow, but under the Master’s artful eye, each turn of the wheel reveals yet another facet of His Love. And, you never want that to come to a “grinding” halt!

“Serminutes” – Sermon in a Minute. A one minute spiritual pick-me-up for busy Christians!  Visit this POST for details on what exactly that is. Thank you for visiting today! May the Lord richly bless you. Rodger Mangold

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