As humans we have a tendency to rejoice in tangible things…new car, nice home, well behaved kids, great job, etc…and the devil encourages this.

He wants us to rejoice in those “things” he can shake…new car breaks down…something happens to the house…kids act out…get laid off…and your joy goes out with the thing!

But when you rejoice in the God of your Salvation and the Finished Work of Jesus Christ, you place your joy, where it CANNOT BE COMPROMISED…IT IS SURE AND EVERLASTING!

Excerpted and condensed from TD Jakes sermon, The Blood Speaks

By Guest Author Rev. Jim Willoughby – Long-time friend and co-laborer in Christ, Rev. Jim Willoughby has inspired literally thousands with his anointed preaching, powerful discernment, and laser-sharp focus on winning the lost for Christ. We want extend a very warm welcome and heart-felt thanks to Jim for his contribution to Serminutes, and we look forward to many more to come! Visit Bro. Willoughby’s Blog at

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