The Secret to the Redwood's Majesty

The northern California coast plays host to the world’s tallest and most majestic tree; The Redwood. Known for their enormous height and beauty, the secret to the strength of this giant can be traced to its extensive root system. Towering up to 350 feet, the Redwood’s root system is surprisingly shallow. Buried no deeper than 6 to 10 feet below these skyscrapers, you will find a convoluted network that travels for miles beyond each individual tree to intertwine into a sophisticated root system. With a lifespan of nearly 2000 years and each tree weighing nearly 500 tons, the success and longevity of this kingly tree is a direct result of the tapestry of interwoven roots that connect with other Redwoods. 

Despite having shallow roots in the sandy soil of California; these trees have survived for centuries not independently but collectively. The Apostle Paul stated we are members of one body. If we think we can survive in isolation, we’re wrong. As Christians our survival depends on our ability to band together until “we all come in the unity of faith.” (Eph. 4:13 

Let us take to heart the lesson the Redwoods teach us; united we stand and divided we fall.

Redwood Ecology – California Stateparks (Link)

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