Big Lessons in Small Packages – Don't Relegate Yourself to "Bug" Status

What shall we then say to these things? If God be for us, who can be against us? Romans 8:31

On the brink of the highly anticipated “Promised Land” God afforded the Israelites a preview by allowing them to send a spy from each of the 12 tribes. Despite bringing back huge grape clusters, pomegranates, and figs, and reports of the land flowing with milk and honey, 10 of them came back with an “evil report.”

They considered themselves “grasshoppers” as did the giants (Numbers 13). Fearful and disbelieving in God’s Divine Protection, they could see no way possible for them to overtake the giants

When facing any adversary, stop relegating yourself to “bug” status, ESPECIALLY when God is calling the shots. God’s Word gives us protection…

Ironically, throughout scripture God used small creatures to accomplish his tasks (see the Plagues of Egypt); grasshoppers included in Judges 6:4-6, the Midianites were considered grasshoppers in multitude and impoverished Israel!

Don’t underestimate the grasshopper, had Israel “jumped” at the chance and trusted God they would have easily destroyed the giants and happily “infested” the Promised Land forty years sooner!

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