You Are Who You Are

You are who you are for a reason.

You’re part of an intricate plan.

You’re a precious and perfect unique design,

Called God’s special woman or man.


You look like you look for a reason.

Our God made no mistake.

He knit you together within the womb,

You’re just what he wanted to make.


The parents you had were the ones He chose,

And no matter how you may feel,

They were custom-designed with God’s plan in mind,

And they bear the Master’s seal.


No, that trauma you faced was not easy.

And God wept that it hurt you so;

But it was allowed to shape your heart

So that into his likeness you’d grow.


You are who you are for a reason,

You’ve been formed by the Master’s Rod.

You are who you are, beloved,

Because there is a God!


Poem by Russell Kelfer 1933 – 2000. He was a layman and business man who taught for over 25 years. His timeless lessons on living the Christian life major on practical application and continue today to be heard, seen, read, and taught by others around the world.

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One thought on “You Are Who You Are

  • Poetry is so very powerful. Jesus annointed me with the gift to write when I was young in the Lord. I repented and was baptized in Jesus’ Name for the remission of my sin and filed with His precious Holy Spirit. I long for His refreshing Presence every day. I wrote Poems of Praise, Love, and Worship-For The Hungry Heart over 12 yrs of poetry. Many have been moved by poetry, lyrics. God uses many various things to reach different people. This gift helped me through a very difficult time in my life. If you would like to read it brother Mangold it is at you can preview three poems at this site. Jesus is God in the flesh our Lord and Saviour, Father and Friend; our all in all. God bless and keep up the refreshing word. Just found your site two weeks ago. I’ve been free for about 65 days now. I served 24 years in prison and 22 of those I lived a christian life Born Again washed in The Blood of Jesus!!!! Love to you brother.


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