Praying Confidently

prayconfident (1)Many of us lose confidence in prayer because we don’t recognize the answer. We ask for strength; God gives us difficulties which make us strong. God sends problems, the solutions of which develop wisdom. We plead for prosperity; God give us a brain and brawn to work. We plead for courage; God give us danger to overcome. We ask for favors; God give us opportunities. So often we reject the very things God send to develop and strengthen us. – Author Unknown

We lose confidence in prayer also when we lose focus on what true prayer is all about! Prayer is as much about speaking to God as it is about listening. Like any conversation, a good one includes an exchange where both parties are seeking both to be understood and to understand. A successful prayer life doesn’t include one that simply involves petitions, lists of grievances, or even a laundry list of “needs.” Rather, a healthy prayer life includes one where you simply avail yourself in submission to God and His Supreme authority! A time where we await instructions as much as we seek God’s favor and intervention; A time of praise and thanksgiving; A time to simply connect with your Creator.

Take a few moments to reflect upon your prayer life and ensure it contains the essential two-way communication that is vital to the success of any thriving relationship – earthly and eternal!

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