From a Coat of Many Colors to Many Coats of Color


Now the love which Israel had for Joseph was greater than his love for all his other children, because he got him when he was an old man: and he had a long coat made for him. (Passage Link: Genesis 37:3)

Less a statement of fashion and more a statement of love, Joseph’s highly prized and colorful coat brought with it privilege but at a great price. From the moment Joseph donned his new coat his life was swirled with controversy. Yes, this coveted coat signified favor, but Joseph would soon learn not everyone views you through the loving eyes of the Father. Some view your calling through blinders of jealousy and envy; others through competition and rivalry.

Thinking no ill would come of showing them his new coat, Joseph would unknowingly instigate a devious plot by his older brothers to sell him into slavery and to convince their father Joseph had fallen prey to the vicious attack of an animal.

We enjoy the moments of basking in God’s good graces; when He showers His love and favor bountifully on us, as we should. Yet this favor is NOT to be used as a “cloak” of maliciousness. God setting you aside for His purpose is not intended to draw attention to you as much as it is to bring Him Supreme Glory. The “Thunder” Brothers, James and John, were seeking the position of “right and left” but neglected to take a peek at the price tag. Jesus warned them that to be granted such privilege would require them to be willing to “be baptized with the baptism” that He would endure (Passage Link: Mark 10:37-40).

You will note as we take this journey through Joseph’s life there is always an exchange of coats, and with each coat comes a new level of favor, growth, and glory for this beloved “Dreamer of Dreams.”

More on the Coats of Joseph’s Life – “From a Coat of Many Colors to Many Coats of Color”

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