A Site for Sore Eyes – Serminutes.com

SerminutesCover_NEWDespite this being a blog devoted to one-minute devotionals, sermonettes, and sermon ideas, occasionally we have to take a minute to share updates with you about, well, our Serminutes.

At the inception of this blog, we lost the website serminutes.com but recently, through some kind of Divine intervention I was able to wrestle the site name back and use it for the original purposes of this blog. Now when you search for Serminutes our web address will be http://www.serminutes.com – Our old site name, http://www.sermonminute.com will work for a while too.

So, if you’re struggling, in need of a quick Christian “pick-me-up,” or are coming up short on an idea to preach this Sunday, Serminutes is a site for sore eyes and writer’s block.

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Thanks for being a loyal reader, and if this is your first post, please feel free to browse the Serminutes Vault for tons of great inspiration.

God bless you and thank you for your support in the way of reading, commenting, and sharing these with those who may need it along life’s sometimes wearisome journey.


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