The Gift Wrap and The Jewel – Wanda Goines

Special Edition of Serminutes

The Gift Wrap and The Jewel
Audrey Mangold (my Daughter-in-law) with her Nan and Audrey’s Daughter Piper (my granddaughter) with her Great-Nan

This Special Edition of “Serminutes” is dedicated to the memory of a precious lady from our church and family that passed away yesterday, August 29, 2018 at 8:00 a.m. Sis. Beverly Tackett, affectionately called “Nan” by all who loved her.

In the Fall of 2015, Kathryn Wilson, caretaker for 92-year-old Wanda Goines, recorded what would be come an internet sensation for the sentimental at heart. Kathryn was able to capture this precious poem on video as the author, Ms. Wanda, recites it. As if it weren’t sentimental enough, Ms. Wanda chokes up slightly toward the end which gives the viewer a clear picture of the sweetness and sensitivity of this dear soul.

Our dear sweet Sis. Nan was having a personal struggle after starting to attend our church. Her husband, George, Sr., had recently passed, and she felt she had outlived her usefulness in life. Without even realizing this powerful poem was out there, my wife Shannon was impressed by the Lord to tell Sis. Nan that she was a jewel to our church and family. Sis. Nan blushed, but was deeply touched by this description of her.

Not long after we returned home from service, Sis. Nan called us and was so excited to have discovered this very poem as it put to words exactly how the then 80-year-old Nan was feeling at the time.

We will sorely miss you Sis. Nan, but the inspiration and love you leave behind will long out live you for generations to come – we’ll see to that!

Below is the poem written by Wanda Goines who has herself passed as well, but like Nan, she was struggling to process how quickly her life had come to this present state. Please enjoy this poem entitled, “The Gift Wrap and the Jewel.”

I looked in the mirror and what did I see?
But a little old lady peering back at me
With bags and sags and wrinkles and wispy white hair
And I asked my reflection, how did you get there?

You once were straight and vigorous
And now you’re stooped and weak
When I tried so hard to keep you from becoming an antique
My reflection’s eyes twinkled and she solemnly replied

You’re looking at the gift wrap and not the jewel inside
A living gem and precious of unimagined worth
Unique and true, the real you, the only you on earth

The years that spoil your gift wrap with other things more cruel
Should purify and strengthen and polish up that jewel

So focus your attention on the inside, not the out
On being kinder, wiser, more content and more devout
Then when your gift wrap’s stripped away
Your jewel will be set free, to radiate God’s glory throughout eternity!

We will miss you Sis. Nan, but your memory will never be far from us, and we’re honored to continue your legacy of love. See you on the other side of Glory!

Your broken-hearted, but eternally grateful pastor, Rodger Mangold

For the actual video as recorded by her dear friend and caretaker, Ms. Kathryn Wilson, go to

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