Hippocratic or Hypocritcal?

In the 5th Century Hippocrates, the “Father of Western Medicine” penned the words to perhaps history’s oldest binding document, the Hippocratic Oath. A portion of this oath states, “I will do no harm or injustice to them [patients].” Graduating medical students swear, to the best of their ability, to cure their patient doing the least amount of harm in the process, and when possible strive not to further exacerbate the wound or condition.

When a wayward sinner, who is bound by addictions, battered and abused by the world, and kicked to the proverbial curb of life, enters our doors, we’d do well to adhere to the Hippocratic Oath as Christians; DO NO HARM! How dare we sneer and thumb our noses at the mirror-image of who we were before Christ found us? Have we grown so accustomed to God’s blessings and favor that we’ve forgotten, but for the grace God we’d be in their very shoes?

Rather than take a “Hypocritical” approach of the priest and Levite, oblivious to the anguish and pain, let us adopt the Samaritan’s “Hippocratic” approach who was quick to provide healing to the wounded traveler – because…”such were some of you.”

Source Link to Hippocratic Oath Information: U.S. National Library of Medicine


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