God's Heartbeat

Tonight, as we sat at supper with Jesus, tensions ran high. I had this compelling urge to stay as close to Him as I could. Perhaps to the envy of the other 11, I laid my head on Jesus’ chest. Within our Messiah, God robed in flesh, I felt the beat a human heart! Yet, it beat with much more authority than mine; there was a pure resolve as if He were on a mission to save the whole world. Bold and resolute, His heart beat with compassionate overtures of mercy and love. My heart’s desire is for HIS heartbeat to become mine, HIS passion, my passion, and HIS mission, my mission. John – The Disciple Whom Jesus Loved

NOTE: Of course I paraphrased here, but I’m fascinated by the notion that John actually laid his head against Jesus’ chest. What a powerful portrait, to be that close to feel Christ’s heartbeat. Is it any wonder John’s called the “Disciple Whom Jesus Loved?”

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