God's Order or Ours?

What glorious paths can be ours when we tap into, and allow God’s Order to become our own! From the beginning we can see that our God is indeed a God of order. He is NOT chaotic, but very methodical; structuring our world from the very seed out…to include all of life that is. And placing within that seed that which will sustain and propagate life through the ages.

The Problem comes when we, that is Man, begins to worship the order over the God of the order (in his search of an image). And when God does not grace us with His Presence, due to our sins, or whatever…we (like Saul) take it upon ourselves to do it on our own. We order the thing and present “our thing” as “God’s thing” and try to manipulate, dominate and coerce others into it, with a great degree of exclusivity involved. (After all, IT IS, ‘our thing’) and we end up with something that kinda resembles God…and yet, not at all. For at its heart it is corrupt and flesh based.

By Guest Author Rev. James Willoughby is an Evangelist and Bible Teacher, as well as a published author. His teaching ministry, Focal Points carries him into many different venues. Emphasizing…discipleship training, small group development, structures and strategies for leadership, and ministry mentoring for young men and women. His evangelistic ministry has been blessed of God with great anointing, and powerful demonstration of the Spirit in healings and miracles as he ministers the Word of Faith. View all posts by jswilloughby →

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